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Harald Zwart - Head writer, director & showrunner

Harald Zwart’s movies have accumulated a staggering 600 mill USD worldwide to date.  His latest movie, The 12th Man, opened last Christmas in his home country of Norway to rave reviews and broke box office records surpassing competition such as Star Wars Last Jedi. The true stories of the heroism in The 12th Man have lived with Harald since childhood and he knew now was the perfect time to share this universal tale of hope and triumph of a people against a terrifying regime. The film has already been sold in numerous foreign markets and is described as his "masterpiece". The movie captures all audiences, from young teenagers to the elderly who have not been inside a movie theatre for decades.  

Harald has worked with names like Michael Douglas (One Night At McCool's) and Steve Martin (Pink Panther 2) and he's best known for The Karate Kid, starring Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan. The film was produced by Will Smith's Overbrook Entertainment and pulled in over 380 Million USD, the biggest hit for Columbia Pictures in the year of its release.

Known for his quirky Scandinavian comedy sense with a strong visual style, Harald is also one of the most award winning commercial Directors. He constantly travels the world working for massive corporations and big brand names in large markets such as Asia, USA, the UAE and Europe.

In addition to an impressive filmography as a Director, Harald has also Executive Produced cult classics such as Dead Snow and the Oscar nominated Kon Tiki.

Harald is thrilled to be the showrunner and co-creator of The Oil Fund, alongside Tom Gulbrandsen, Petter Holmsen and Maren Skolem. Harald is credited as Showrunner, Producer, Head Writer and Director on the show.

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