fat fingers

Per is about to simultaneously break his own personal trading record and double the fortune of the Oil Fund, to a staggering 10,000 billion. Instead he accidentally types in a couple zeros too many during a lunch with his father and ends up buying 80 billion in Disney shares. Suddenly it becomes an international incident and is all over the news: “Is Norway taking over Disney?” The officially appointed Ethics Committee sends Katrine to rectify the outrageous mistake, and she and Per go head to head for the first time. Oil Fund CEO, Bjørg, is so intimidated by Katrine, that she hires her in a full-time position within the Fund. Bjørg will get more than she bargained for: not only is Katrine super smart; she actually cares about the planet.

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Firing any employee in Norway – especially a government employee, and especially a government employee over a certain age - is next to impossible. Per implements a cunning plan to achieve the ‘impossible’. Fortunately, this coincides with a meeting for a group of investors coming to Norway. They are hoping to buy, sell and deal, cartel-style. The meeting is to be secret, reported nowhere. Katrine is convinced Per can’t get rid of the employee and Per is determined to keep her out of the big meeting - and his big plan. To gain access, she goes “undercover” as a translator, quickly discovering that Per’s plan all along was to trick a visiting middle-eastern billionaire into hiring the employee. An elaborate plan just to fire someone - welcome to Norway’s social democracy.




Per could only wish it was business as usual. With Katrine’s watchful eye fixed firmly on him, his dealings with a notorious Russian oligarch come under close scrutiny. The negotiations falter and Katrine experience the taste of victory. However, it is short-lived. The deal is too important to let fall apart, so Per follows the oligarch to Russia. And of course: Katrine is right behind! She convinces the Russian to agree to an alternative contract, but he passes out before signing it after drinking too much vodka. Encouraged by Per’s willingness to cross the line professionally, Katrine decides to forge the oligarch’s signature. Pragmatism prevails and Per wins big in a poker game on his way back to the hotel. Only now he has to explain the new gold Rolex to the CEO.



no, not volvo

The Swedes and the Norwegians have always had a love/hate relationship. So, when Bjørg wants to buy a big stake in Volvo, things could get ugly fast. At the same time a big pallet of cash arrives at the office – dividends from an investment in a casino in Macao. Katrine loves the Volvo deal but Per tries to dampen her enthusiasm. When that doesn't work he uses the pallet of Chinese cash to cast doubt over the accountability of the Oil Fund. He makes it seem as if they are in cahoots with the Chinese in something that looks like a hostile takeover of the beloved Swedish brand. Per wins this one.


the vault

It’s time to party like there’s no tomorrow – only the Oil Fund office party has run out of booze. Per knows how to rectify this. In the infamous underground vault there is an untapped stash. So, he and Katrine make their way downstairs. Picture the ending of the first Indiana Jones movie. Crate upon crate of treasures. This is the land they step into. Years’ worth of unclaimed gifts from all around the world. Porsches, Picassos and lots of wine. There’s just one catch. They get locked in and without any way back to the party they have no choice but to finally bond. Bjørg is the only one that can let them out, but she is too busy preparing for karaoke.


london calling

Bjørg’s sole ambition has always been to rub shoulders with the Nobel crowd. She invites the winner to HQ where she’ll have a chance to shine. There are just three problems: Per, Katrine and the the Prize recipient, who is Jewish. Bjørg knows only too well that Per is Pro-Israel with all his ties to U.S. money, while Katrine, with all her political correctness, is firmly Pro-Palestine. So Bjørg devises a cunning plan and sends the two of them to London to meet with a real estate agent - to buy a street. Meanwhile Per has forgotten it’s his week with his daughter Thelma (13) so he has to drag her along too. All is going perfectly, until Bjørg becomes her own worst nightmare and is quoted in the press saying, “The day an Israeli wins the Nobel Prize for Economics is a great day for peace, for if there’s one thing the Jews are good at, it’s money”. The story blows up, all the way to London, where Per and Katrine are now happy Bjørg tricked them so they're out of harm’s way.



operation child labor

It's bring-your-daughter-to-work-day for Per and his daughter, Thelma, is working on a special charity project for school. Too bad it's on the same day Katrine is trying to crack down on the evils of child labor in the third world. When Bjørg and the people who actually hire child labourers connect the dots, Per goes into alternate strategy mode. He tries to convince everybody that in reality children do shitty work – and they actually go for it. Everybody wins, even Thelma who makes a small fortune for her school's charity.



The public perception of the Oil Fund keeps slipping. How can this be rectified? Per wants to hire a public relations expert. Katrine thinks trendy influencers are the answer, with their fingers on the pulse of the younger generation. Bjørg figures there’s nothing to lose by trying both strategies. So, it's “game on” for Per and Katrine. Both fail miserably, and decide to work together. The PR gurus are masters of bullshit and the influencers who tour the facilities are more interested in promoting their own brands than that of the Oil Fund. Frustrated, Per tries to entice them by bringing them to the vault. A dozen Instagrammers in a room filled with expensive gifts and jewellery: what can go wrong? The plan backfires on Per, which in turn leads to Katrine finally getting a real say. She couldn’t be happier. Per could.



The Oil Fund is under pressure from the Council of Ethics, resulting in a call for a co-worker to minimise Per’s power. Per is less happy, and decides to sabotage the job interviews. The plan works perfectly, until a taller and more handsome version of Per slips through the cracks and gets the job. He’s not just better-looking; he’s beyond ethical! Odd and Anna manages to dig up some dirt on him, but it turns out to be the result from a demonstration against the North Dakota Pipeline: He’s unimpeachable! Everything culminates in The New Guy selling all the stocks they have in weapon manufacturers: passing the 10,000 billion mark. Per smashes his office to bits and quits his job. Katrine has achieved her goal, but why does it feel so bitter-sweet?



california dreamin'

Per has landed a new job. In Los Angeles. He’s working for the infamous McGregor who, with his company, stands for everything Katrine hates. For Per it’s an opportunity to never cross paths with her again. McGregor puts Per up with an apartment and a place for his daughter in a local school. In the meantime, Katrine is starting to dislike Per’s replacement more and more. He’s just too perfect and gives her no resistance. Then she gets wind of the fact that that he was also offered the job, meaning that McGregor would hire anyone with a foot inside the powerful Oil Fund. She smells a rat and goes to LA to get Per back, realizing it’s more for her own sake than a question of saving the world. Per and Thelma have meanwhile tried to make LA lifestyle the new norm, so Katrine has to tempt them with more than goat’s cheese and crisp bread to make them return to Norway. Per will come back on one condition - that his replacement is long gone by the time he returns.