The Oil Fund is an original comedy TV show created for TVNORWAY (Discovery)

by Harald Zwart and Tom Gulbrandsen




After a long and successful award-winning career in commercials and features, The Oil Fund is Harald's first TV-Show which he co-wrote with Tom and Petter.

Harald is producing the show with his own production company, Zwart Arbeid which is run by his wife and producer, Veslemoey Ruud Zwart, in collaboration with Producer  Espen Horn and Motion Blur.

This is Zwart Arbeid's second major production in less than a year, having just finished launching the blockbuster The 12th Man.  Harald and Tom have collaborated for almost two decades on various projects. They sold the TV pitch for Oil Fund together in less than 15 minutes... 


Tom Gulbrandsen has a degree in film production from San Diego State University and a Masters degree focusing on Narratology in the audio-visual arts from the University of Oslo. Tom's career in the film and television industry has allowed him to work both in production and script consulting. For several years he held a commissioner post funding script-development and projects for the Norwegian Government.



Petter began working with Harald Zwart shortly after graduating as Valedictorian with a BFA in Film from LIU. He has served as Harald's casting director, 2nd unit director and director’s assistant. His films include The 12th Man. Petter is also a Commercial Director himself and won gold at the Epica Awards in 2016. Petter's short film Quiet on set has achieved success in film festivals and was sold to several international TV-stations and airline companies. Petter is also directing some of episodes.