per grepp




Chief Investor

Per Grepp has a tough job. He has to spend one billion Norwegian Kroner - every day! And that's not easy in a social democratic country where everything must be ethical and politically correct. If Per is not able to spend his billion, he has to spend even more the next day. Norway makes more money than they can get rid of and Per has a nose for great investments. He just can't help it. It's a rush for him to make money, though he does not seem to be as motivated to grow his own personal wealth. Per is famous for saying "Oh, no. Not more money!" At the end of the week, if Per Grepp still has money to spend, he just has to run out and buy a street in New York City, or a soccer team.

Played by Thomas Gullestad.


katrine halland




Head of Ethics

Katrine is the rep from the Ethics Committee that ignites the series. One day she's hired by the CEO Bjørg, at the Oil Fund to serve as an "in-house" ethics rep, in order to create some breathing room between the Fund and the government. But instead they get more than they bargained for because Katrine actually cares about the environment, and she's smart. Very smart.

Played by Kathrine Thorborg Johansen.


Bjørg Heistad





Bjørg is a politically elected CEO, which means she has no clue. She's using the position at the Fund to climb and hopes to one day end up on the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize Committee. She's always looking for a way to fire Per because she can't control him, but Per is untouchable because he makes too much money for the country. Her motto is "It does not matter how much we make, but how we make it".

Played by Marit Adeleide Andreassen.






numbers nerd

His name says it all. Odd is a genius with numbers and has zero people skills. With numbers there are no fine subtleties, metaphors or double meanings and this is the simple lens through which he sees the world. His loyalty is matched by none, but communication is hard for Odd as he tends to take things rather literally. Odd has a passion for literature and his literal understanding of the world is hugely evident when he starts to share his rather unusual conclusions about the books he reads. He's a hard worker – and he knows it – he is often so lost in his spreadsheets that he must be told to actually go home.

Played by Elias Holmen Sørensen.







Anna is a no-nonsense bulldog who can smell the BS in any situation. Her goal is to be overeducated – but she won't quit her job to get there. She practices multitasking in her spare time as she believes it's in danger of becoming a forgotten art-form. She is a real people person and has a fantastic winning personality. She has not yet figured out what to do with the people who let her down, but that does not inhibit her from expressing negative attitudes about them.

Played by Evelyn Rasmussen Osazuwa.







Vidar is the in-house lawyer and has specialized in international and EU-law. He had no competition in his field both as a student and professionally. He knows his Marx but can seldom apply it to his own life – this is because he is deeply closeted about his conservative values. If there is a difficult word that he can use to describe something - anything - he will choose that over the simple one to keep his colleagues constantly on their toes and the world at a distance. He collects trivia. His main hobby is Quizzing.

Played by Håkon T. Nielsen.